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Crusader Kings II

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Crusader Kings 2; CK II; CK 2
Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive
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Patch 2.7.2

Author: Administrator Date: 21.12.17 System:


  • When a Secret Religious Cult reveals itself, all members will join in the conversion instead of just the ones in the same realm
  • The AI is now more often unsuccessful in recruiting new members to Secret Religious Cults
  • Priests, Zealous characters and Paranoid characters are now much less likely to join a secret cult
  • Characters accused of Apostasy (with the modifier) can no longer Induce Sympathy, Induct or Invite characters to Secret Cults
  • The cooldown between inviting/inducting characters into Secret Cults increased to 10 years from 5
  • The AI is now less likely to recruit/induct characters into cults if they are in a realm without a player
  • Lowered the maximum amount of members the AI can recruit into Secret Religious Cults to a more modest number (from 370 to 91)
  • Characters in Secret Religious Cults can now only use Prepare Grounds in counties they or their vassals own
  • The AI is now much less inclined to create a secret religious cult just because their liege is a player
  • Diplomatic immunity now also prevents release from prison, banishment, and execution

AI improvements

  • When one AI tells another "get your ass over here" the other AI is now willing to cancel a siege it only just started to actually get "over here"
  • The AI will no longer think that just because going back to Rome with its army briefly seemed like a good idea, it should continue going there even if it becomes apparent going to Rome is a terrible idea
  • The AI will no longer decide that gathering up to join its allies is a terrible idea just because there's nothing to siege in that friendly province


  • Fixed an issue where targets of Tainted Touch would get the effects of Soul Corruption rather than the caster
  • Fixed giving someone multiple gifts on the same day causing the opinion bonus to stack, then disappear entirely on the next day
  • Fixed one way government type could switch away from Tribal on succession for no apparent reason
  • Fixed epidemics in some cases never ending due to being stuck on islands
  • Fixed the Black Death in some cases never ending due to the end date not working
  • If a Secret Religious Cult ends up without a Grandmaster, they will now disband
  • Characters not in a society can low lose suspicion level
  • When revealing your Secret Cults your suspicion level is reset
  • No longer possible to sacrifice the same person to Satan multiple times
  • Fixed councillor modifiers not being applied on the very first day of a campaign
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