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John Tiller's Campaign Series

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Matrix Games
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Patch 2.01

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

⦁ Implemented Options > Toolbar > None/Classic/Standard/Large.
⦁ Implemented Options > System Colors.
⦁ Implemented Help > Unit Viewer (F3).
⦁ Implemented the -X NoEncryption option implemented in all of: engine, edit, edorg, edmap.
⦁ Added, in ai.ini and elsewhere, three new moddable A/I parameters: AI_smoke_prob, AI_blind_fire_prob, AI_dig_prob.
⦁ Tweaked the highlight/selected colors for greater color contrast.
⦁ The game engine now defaults to window maximized mode on startup.
⦁ Adapted paradrop and airplane animations to the new Variable Animation Speed system. (Also, flight animations are now capped at 80% of the max ground unit animation speed.)
⦁ Applied a minor code tweak for ground unit animations.
⦁ Added more logreturn() calls and better exception handling for missing files.
⦁ Added a new Campaign.pdt and .pdx data file for all engines
⦁ Added a new Main.pdt and .pdx data file for all engines (supply covers now all countries for 1930-1952
⦁ Implemented a moddable timelines.dat, for customizing nation timelines.
⦁ Corrected several nation timelines.
⦁ Improved frontend exception handling and crash prevention.
⦁ Improved and extended frontend error reporting/logging.
⦁ Eliminated many code & data redundancies between the (TS) frontend and the other four (JT) EXEs.
⦁ West Front 2D graphics:
⦁ Most units now will have an unique 2d picture on the game counter when using graphical icons.
⦁ Units were all given a military icon to add more variety to the very limited original mix. The original game had less than 90, now there are 303!
⦁ Enhanced many of the 3D graphics as well.
⦁ Updated all countrys to include common files such as trains, supply depots, etc.
⦁ Updated a lot of the Minor countrys kit, especially Belgium, France, Italy, Albania, Yugoslavia, Norway, and Ethiopia.
⦁ East Front and Rising Sun to follow in Patch 2.1

Bug Fixes
⦁ Fixed the A/I "dithering unit" bug, and implemented A/I > Prohibit A/I Backtracking.
⦁ Fixed the campaign game PlayVictory() crash bug, and various other DCG-related crash bugs.
⦁ Fixed various issues with Campaign.pdt, and recoded the frontend
⦁ Fixed several other frontend bugs.
⦁ Fixed the F2 Unit Handbook unit text bug.
⦁ Fixed the broken frontend scenario list sort-by-date.
⦁ Fixed several broken options settings saves/restores.
⦁ Fixed the broken Options > Opaque Infobox check (selected) display.
⦁ Applied various other minor bug fixes and code improvements.
⦁ Added a correct Icons[3/4/5]d.bmp with Russian bases properly aligned colorwise.
⦁ Added new versions of Icons[1/2]d.bmp files.
⦁ West Front: All stock scenarios and Linked Campaign Games (LCG) that were affected by the Unit ID change in patch 1.03 were modified to use correct units.
⦁ Added missing unit Bitmap and Bit files

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