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Patch 3.20

Author: Administrator Date: 13.01.19 System:

This is an update for the PC-CD game Moto Racer (it doesn't apply to the different demos of the game).

If you do not have a 4MB D3D compatible accelerated video board, this patch is totally worthless, so just leave your configuration as it is.

There's no « undo » feature so if you want to go back to the original version, you'll have to re-install the game (read « How to go back to the original version »).

What does this patch/update version change ? :

This version uses only 3D polygons for the whole display during the game instead of mixing 3D polygons and 2D surfaces (for the background or the Heads Up Display -H.U.D.- for example). Consequently, this update is more compatible with 3D boards which deal with 3D only. Examples of these would be boards based on the PowerVR chipset (Apocalypse 3D, M3D). This version better deals with any 3D board to adapt the program's behavior to the board's capabilities. It also achieves better performance on some 3D boards. However, the front end still mixes 2D and 3D, so you might experience some problems with some boards/drivers while navigating in the front end. It also fixes several bugs, mainly related to the bike leaning amplitude depending on the frame rate and resulting in higher racing performance with a higher frame rate. This has been addressed and people running the game with a lower frame rate should no longer be affected (still the higher your frame rate, the better your game's playability).

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