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Unofficial High Resolution Patch 1.5

Author: Administrator Date: 02.09.17 System:



Make sure to completely remove all previous versions of the high resolution patch that you might have. Extract this archive into your Arcanum folder, go to /HighRes, set your resolution (Width and Height) in config.ini, run _install.bat to apply the patch. Likewise, run _uninstall.bat to revert all the changes.




-- On Windows 8 or above it's recommended to set DDrawWrapper to 1 to enable the DDrawCompat wrapper.

-- Set Language to 1 (German), 2 (French) or 3 (Russian) to enable UI graphics patches for these languages.

-- Infinite scrolling distance (ScrollDist = 0) is known to break scripts and pathfinding. Use at your own risk.


What's New:


-- The patch is now configured and applied via a config file, no more command line prompts.

-- Many more settings and features are now available in the config file, to be further configured by the user to their liking.

-- The vertical position of the middle screen menus (e.g. inventory or load save) can now be set to top, bottom or center (default).

-- Most UI graphics have been cleaned up, the top shading has been removed and full size borders have been added.

-- Added fullscreen backgrounds to the main menu, 3 variants are available: just black, fade to black, fullscreen wooden background (also applies to options and credits).

-- Compiled a completely new crisp sharp size 18 dialog font which is true to the original.

-- Increased preload distance, so that you won't see stuck objects at very high resolutions. This feature is also user configurable.

-- Increased broacast distance, so that the followers can heed your commands at greater distances. This feature is also user configurable.

-- Splash screens are now centered.

-- Fixed all lingering UI bugs, such as the map menu navigation button not working properly.

-- Resolved the issue with the Half Ogre Island captain not spawning.

-- Added options to force the game to use windowed mode, software rendererer and double buffer.

-- Scrolling distance is no longer patched to be smaller, and both scrolling distance and scrolling FPS can now be configured in the config file.

-- Streamlined and cleaned up a lot of code. All patch scripts are fully commented.

-- Fixed a 'run as administrator' prompt on newer versions of Windows.

-- The DDrawCompat wrapper is included in the patch and can be optionally installed, recommended for Windows 8/10 users.

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