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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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Patch 11.0 (unofficial)

Author: Administrator Date: 22.01.22 System:

This patch includes the latest official patch (v1.2) and can be installed upon

any prior patch by Wesp5. It is recommended to start a new game instead of

trying to resume an older savegame once the patch is installed.


(+) signs denote changes only available to you if you play the Plus Version,

which adds changes to the game - the Standard Version only fixes bugs in the game.


+Made it easier to use Arthur's PC and added look up and down keys.

+Fixed finding gums after Ming fight and game sound at beachhouse.

+Removed Humanity gain for Johansen and added needed one for Yukie.

+Corrected Zulo Shape Vision of Death freeze and bad water splash.

+Improved Dragon's Breath hit effect and fixed more weapon details.

+Made dialog NPCs forget scared or aggressive state on map reload.

+Corrected Arthur ignoring attack and removed maze note inspection.

+Improved corpse at Luckee Star and Beckett's line about Johansen.

+Disabled Commands hide and leave and restored Veil of Madness cry.

+Removed restored solo ending sounds from basic and fixed timings.

+Added cabbie's arm and fixed taxi ride cars, thanks to endthewars.

+Fixed missing casting for some disciplines and Presence vanishes.

+Improved Sheriff cutscene and fixed Dema disappearing from Empire.

+Removed leftover changes to vendors and emails in plus and basic.

+Fixed physics of Sheriff sword and GLOCK 19 model, thanks Norrwin.

+Gave commando at the Fu Syndicate a SPAS-15 to fit Mandarin line.

Removed Glock from Fu Syndicate and kept the SWAT entry door open.

Corrected guards magically changing their weapons into Anacondas.

Repaired Jack appearance, multiple popups and details in tutorial.

Updated the SDK and game mod launcher loader, thanks to Psycho-A.

Fixed Vesuvius patron animation and DMP guy talking during attack.

Added info for mouse buttons to loading tips and tutorial popups.

Fixed cabbie, Mercurio, Arthur, VV dialogues and more text issues.

Improved Regent eyes and made it possible to sneak attack bomber.

Fixed Glaze TV, SWAT rope, bomberman trigger and other map issues.

Made Chang not drop his blade and renamed second knife for basic.

Fixed revisiting Kamikaze Zen and long silence after a Tommy line.

Killed Hannah on reading her diary to avoid duplicate quest logs.

Removed special Heather lines and Hallowbrook cowering from basic.

Disabled Obfuscating the Protean warform to avoid freeze on exit.

Made sure player can't leave endgame Skyeline haven via the vents.

Fixed failed quest reopening on dropping and taking Lily's stuff.

Removed warrens2 computer trigger and fixed museum email adresses.

Corrected over twenty facial animations and a possible Patty bug.

Fixed stuff at the temple and an issue with somebody in the diner.

Lowered max framerate to 65 and fixed sprites and effects issues.

Fixed can, cop, rifle load and Toreador models, thanks to DDLullu.

Removed buggy breakable window brushes when revisiting four maps.

Fixed prop and spawning in hospital and reverted Glaze area state.

Prevented that Malcolm's patient and Pisha's victim get up again.

Added missing batons for the police officers on the Hollywood hub.

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