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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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Patch 11.4 (unofficial)

Author: Administrator Date: 01.09.23 System:

This patch includes the latest official patch (v1.2) and can be installed upon any prior patch by Wesp5. It is recommended to start a new game instead of trying to resume an older savegame once the patch is installed.


The default Basic Patch installation fixes bugs mostly and restores only a bit of content to be close to the original. The Plus Patch (+) adds various tweaks and lots of content. The Patch Extras include a SDK and more! To install the patch choose the Bloodlines directory as destination, select options and then start the game from the shortcuts it adds to both desktop and start menu. 


v11.4                                                  27.07.2023


+Made first and third person view casting animations to be similar.

+Increased damage of Tiger's Claws and restored Ra stats in basic.

+Added information about using hotkeys to the first tutorial popup.

+Prevented restored Chang brother from firing through whole level.

+Opened and closed doors at Giovanni Mansion if you play as hunter.

+Added some cutscenes to the list of those which are not skipable.

+Fixed Gargoyle eyes at Chateau Hotel and cabbie floats in endgame.

+Removed casting inventory full message and way to drop the hands.

+Improved glasses of female Tremere and restored original in basic.

+Removed chants from temple fight and all whispers in Ocean House.

+Fixed invisible guard whistling and talking to Zhao through glass.

+Made removing spawners spawning enemies in clear sight plus only.

+Added logs for hunter and improved the armor icons, thanks _xMAX_.

+Made book exploit fix plus only and added damages to walkthrough.

Restored Knox Perception check and made others consistent with it.

Improved water reflections of Lotus Blossom pool, thanks Norrwin.

Fixed Jack tutorial door bug and restored basic flamethrower ammo.

Improved failsave to avoid Jeanette staying downstairs in Asylum.

Fixed slow elevator door at Fu Syndicate and Nadia pull animation.

Removed Venus' floats in office and improved transition to there.

Turned Heather guerney and improved Lily's clamps, thanks Norrwin.

Fixed a Vesuvius interesting place and observatory sticky places.

Corrected dialogue bugs of Pisha, LaCroix, Lily, Ricky and Romero.

Removed blood drops of Ocean House ghosts and fixed obvious LODs.

Improved hotkeys window and Remington rifle casing, thanks _xMAX_.

Fixed Trip's book exploit, Johansen lip-sync and old Regent eyes.

Restored cabbie to Nines intro and fixed artifact, thanks Norrwin.

Added baton and knife melee weapons for enemies in Venture Tower.

Fixed getting stuck on Muddy and corrected pump 118a descriptions.

Forced Jack dialogue after observatory and fixed some map issues.

Unlocked doors in the SM clinic and on the Dane for easier routes.

Fixed broken glass load and tunnels missing bugs, thanks Norrwin.

Made Boris attack Malkavians too and fixed Heather fadeout issues.

Fixed musicbox at Ocean House not closing and theatre quest fail.

Corrected some script bugs and dialogues of Jeanette and Mercurio.

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