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Arma 3

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Armed Assault 3
Bohemia Interactive
Bohemia Interactive
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Patch 1.20

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:


  • Added: Kart vehicle (4 liveries and 1 random color variant)*
  • Added: Racer character (with overalls and helmets matching the kart liveries / colors)*
  • Added: Marshal character*
  • Added: Starter pistol*
  • Added: Race objects (racetrack barriers and more)
  • Added: Time Trials Challenge mode
  • Added: 5 Kart Time Trials**
  • Added: Zeus Race modules
  • Added: 2 pre-set Zeus Race Kart multiplayer races
  • Added: 16 Steam Achievements (for Firing Drills, Time Trials and Zeus)

* Restrictions apply for those who don't own Arma 3 Karts DLC. Read our blog for more information.

** 1 Time Trial is available to everyone, the remaining 4 require ownership of Arma 3 Karts DLC.

  • Added: Selection for damage materials in the cockpit of the UH-80
  • Added: Animation of fingers in ragdoll
  • Added: Particle effect modules can be synchronized with triggers
  • Added: New parameter noImage (bool) for CfgHints classes. You can use no image in context hint even if an image is configured (and used in Field Manual).
  • Added: Sound occlude and obstruct parameters for vehicles
  • Added: Correct hit effects for mini-gun sub-munition ammo
  • Fixed: A visual issue with the SDV's lights
  • Fixed: Suit packs now have textures according to uniforms
  • Fixed: Backpacks with some pre-defined content have an empty backpack of the same type as parent (used e.g. in campaign hubs)
  • Fixed: An issue where dropping Kerry's diving uniform spawned a headless body
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_itemType didn't recognize UAV terminal
  • Fixed: Some interior textures of a Tempest heavy truck variant 
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_getCfgDataArray now returns [] if the value cannot be found
  • Fixed: Wrong backpacks used for static weapon disassembling
  • Fixed: Bullet penetrability on some parts of the trucks
  • Fixed: saveVar issue work-around for campaign persistency
  • Fixed: Weapon disappears when taken through context menu on Dedicated Servers
  • Firing Drills:
    • Added: Firing Drills - visibility of 3D icons is now linked to the difficulty option controlling waypoint indicators
    • Added: Firing Drills - extra debriefing section with results (medal times, your personal best and all times this session)
    • Fixed: Firing Drills - result times were sometimes incorrectly colored (when setting a non-medal time following a run rewarded with a medal time)
    • Fixed: Firing Drills - missing localization for 2 strings
    • Fixed: Firing Drills - 3D icons did not work after restart
    • Fixed: CoF Green - parked SUV was colliding with ambient objects
    • Fixed: CoF Red 2 - CP 9 targets could be placed inside a rock
    • Fixed: CoF Red 2 - CP 11 could be encountered without any hostile targets
    • Updated: Firing Drills - Immediately quitting the drill now fails the primary task
    • Updated: CoF Orange 2 - CP 6 disappearing target time made a little more relaxed to allow spotting it
  • Zeus
    • Added: Proper logo, tooltip, name and Field Manual link to Zeus DLC
    • Fixed: Players in ZGM missions can now have combat life saver / repair specialist / explosive specialist abilities
    • Fixed: Running Game Master or Seize modules without proper configuration froze the game in loading screen instead of showing an error
    • Fixed: Enemy units were not spawned automatically when no Zeus was present in Defend missions
    • Tweaked: Zeus onHover logo
    • Added: Zeus icon to icon-less FM records



  • Changed update system for EPE objects (to address a problem with grenades)
  • Improved: AI's losing sight of target
  • Unit classes in the editor are now sorted alphabetically
  • Now preventing empty bindings for disabled actions
  • Small PhysX optimizations
  • Removed more pointless RPT spam
  • Increased errorGrowInTime for empty vehicles (AI optimization)
  • Avoiding server crash due to wrong index in player role packet
  • Magazine animated when weapon is reloaded for the first time
  • Script command weaponsItems now works also for ammo crates
  • If connecting to a remote controlling unit, now also switching the camera
  • Security enhancements for clients connected to a Dedicated Server (pre-processing limitation)
  • Repairing a destroyed building now removes the partially destroyed building and ruins better
  • Armored vehicles now correctly display optics for commander upon launching the mission
  • Additional functions for MFD - blinking effect on HUD elements
  • Added: Support for allowedLoadFileExtension parameter in Dedicated Server config file in order to make it impossible to read contents of files with unlisted extension (security improvement)
  • Added: AI aiming error is now influenced by wounds and reloading
  • Added: Min and Max boundary for scale HUD element
  • Added: Support for sub-folders in multiplayer scenarios
  • Added: Support for coloring pictures on a single line in a ListBox
  • Added: New action that support opening inventory of soldiers under your control
  • Added: Missing Zeus event handler ObjectSelectionChanged
  • Added: Support for allowedPreprocessFileExtensions parameter in Dedicated Server config file in order to make it impossible to read contents of files with an unlisted extension (security improvement for preprocessFile and preprocessFileLineNumbers script commands)
  • Added: Support for mission white-listing for Dedicated Server (missionWhitelist parameter in DS config file)
  • Added: Surface parameter (surfaceFriction)
  • Added: autoScroll default values
  • Added: Command line parameter '-enableHT' added to enable hyper-threading
  • Added: Support for camera shaking when you encounter big G forces in transport of helicopters - not yet configured in our data
  • Fixed: Changing focus breaks volume levels
  • Fixed: CTD in Zeus
  • Fixed: Possible CTD in Zeus when a NULL unit occurs in the list of editables
  • Fixed: Resource leaks in splash window
  • Fixed: Deletion of remote controlled unit (Zeus) while someone else is remote controlling it
  • Fixed: An issue where ragdoll would cause bodies to fall through non-local buildings 
  • Fixed: Flaps & gear sounds gradually transition based on camera position
  • Fixed: HUD heading scale was disappearing prematurely when displaying negative values
  • Fixed: Quadrotor UAV with disabled autonomy was changing height on its own
  • Fixed: An issue that might lead to a crash 
  • Fixed: Multiplication of sub-munition in multiplayer 
  • Fixed: An issue that could prevent the start of a multiplayer scenario
  • Fixed: Loss of ammo when loading from an automatic / user save 
  • Fixed: Steam browser should be compatible with the GameSpy favorites
  • Fixed: Partial word search in Steam server browser 
  • Fixed: Passing '-ip=' command parameter to Steam server 
  • Fixed: Star emissiveness was not correctly set when changing landscape
  • Fixed: Zoom is not used in the AV Camera feed
  • Fixed: Unknown action Surrender RPT spam
  • Fixed: Possible CTD in scripting command when passing non-Zeus unit as Zeus argument
  • Sound:
    • Fixed: Crew audible outside of their vehicle
    • Enabled soundInsideCoeff
    • Fixed: CTD when switching views in vehicles on Dedicated Server
    • Fixed: Crash during access of sound waves based on parameters
    • Fixed: Simulation of sound speed for all weapons
    • Collision sound volume based on speed
    • Damage sample volume based on speed
  • Fixed: Possible CTD when player is JIPing
  • Fixed: TI rendering for OnSurface objects
  • Fixed: RPT render target not found message
  • Fixed: Collision bug where soldiers could sometimes go through thin obstacles
  • Fixed: Locking turret by lockTurret command
  • Fixed: Players jumping in a partially destroyed and destroyed building
  • Fixed: CTD when passing a not existing side to createCenter
  • Fixed: Driver ejects when heli is configured to not allow driver ejection
  • Fixed: removeUniform doesn't work within non-local client when connection was started in JIP mode (graphical representation of undressed soldier doesn't work even when uniform was removed through gear)
  • Hotfixed: Remote state positioning when an object is stable (PhysX optimization)
  • Fixed: Frozen manual fire on Dedicated Server when no one is in the gunner position
  • Fixed: Automatic get out from damaged vehicle when user is remote controlling unit
  • Fixed: Zeus automatic returning of unit dragged from a vehicle
  • Fixed: Possible CTD when someone deletes units which is under remote control of another Zeus
  • Fixed: Possible CTD in MP servers
  • Fixed: addUniform script command didn't work well in MP
  • Fixed: Empty vehicles can be locked (with missile)
  • Fixed: Allowed ejection when a transport has ejection disabled on a person's position
  • Fixed: Wrong return type in scripting command everyBackpack (was Object, should be Array)
  • Fixed: hideObjectGlobal script command (was working in the opposite way)
  • Fixed: Visible UAV units in MP
  • Fixed: Setting scenario description as structured text
  • Fixed: Talking through remotely controlled characters (Zeus)
  • Fixed: AI not reloading their weapon when the camera was focused on it
  • Fixed: Assembly and dis-assembly of static autonomous weapons in MP
  • Fixed: createVehicleCrew command in MP when called on a non-local autonomous static weapon
  • Fixed: Expensive simulations on destroyed buildings
  • Fixed: Admin commands #kick and #exec ban not working properly
  • Fixed: Possible CTD in InterpolateQuaternion
  • Fixed: Crash when loading PBO placed in a sub-folder
  • Fixed: Mutliplayer scenario in sub-folders not working on Linux Dedicated Server
  • Fixed: commandArtilleryFire could crash the game when a target was inside a 'Seized By' trigger
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