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Guns of Icarus Online

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Patch 2.0.6 Hotfix

Author: Administrator Date: 16.11.17 System:

Hotfix Build 630:

- Fixed a few UI issues and a bug with voice chat.

Hotfix Build 631:

- A number of small UI fixes, mostly around the chat panel and loadout screens.
- Prevented going to the match list while still in a pregame lobby (because it left players in an inconsistent state).

Hotfix Build 632:

- Fixed the ship customizer issue (cannot choose guns that are in 3rd to 6th column).
- Added and adjusted positions of turrets as well as tweaked enemy budget on the PvE map: Downfall Departure.
- Dare Devil’s Run & Rise of the Machine community events have now had their goal thresholds reduced to 20 matches for each respective goal.

Hotfix Build 634:

- Fixed an issue that player popup cannot be used in lobby chat.


Hotfix Build 635:

- Fixed another ship customizer bug.


Hotfix Build 636:

- Fixed advanced video options not being visible when that screen is first opened


Hotfix Build 637:

- Fixed several issues with spectator ship-following commands


Hotfix Build 638:

- Support the new Halloween event "Ghastly Gears"

Hotfix Build 639:

- Fixed an error where novice players could change their ship guns while in a novice pregame lobby. The change would have no effect and should not have been allowed.


Hotfix Build 640:

New content:

Failsafe added to PvP:

Nothing like another gizmo for the arsenal of tools on an engineer's belt strap! Now you can enjoy the power of the failsafe tool in PvP warfare, use the careful automatic functions to maintain all the bolts and whistles of your components while you hold the ship together with glue and a healthy wad of spit shine!

  • Added 1v1(AI) to Pirate Deathmatch in Novice and Practice
  • War monument added: Victory for the Gilt Authority in their unwavering charge against the Vanguard Fleets has earned them a resounding victory in the war! Lands and riches stand changed by the events and the victors erecting the symbol of their might for all to see!
  • Judgement lateral drag increased to 2.5 from 1. This will reduce sideways drift.
  • Novice Deathmatch and Practice Bot Deathmatch renamed to Pirate Deathmatch
  • Improved novice menus to address the most commonly asked questions.


  • Missing check/cancel on mask dye buttons.
  • Decals are repeating and bleeding over
  • Fixed some texture issues with the “Eli T. Pumpkins” mask
  • PvE to PvP content fix


Hotfix Build 641:

- Fixes dye colors on the male Eli T. Pumpkins mask (female version was already correct)
- Fixes enemies not spawning on Water Hazard 1-ship Pirate Deathmatch


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