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Batman: Arkham Origins

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Patch 1.04

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:


  • Addressed a few more cases of 'infinite falling' in Bridge and in the My Alibi club
  • Users were able to get stuck unable to grapple if you miss the helicopter in Royal Hotel. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed the Gotham bridge elevator so that if you backtracked you can still progress forward.
  • Fixed the GCPD Sewers elevator stuck in wrong state when backtracking to the area.
  • Should no longer be able to glide out of world with the fast travel system in the open world.
  • Fix potential issue when backing out too soon after creating a new save slot.
  • Immediately acquiring concussion detonator after using batwing now saves objective when fast traveling later.
  • Fixed animation crash using invalid texture’s unused memory.
  • On rare occasions, Batman would only have 1 health after restarting after title autosaves. This should no longer happen.
  • Fixed situation where users were blocked from destroying the Black Mask Drug stash due to unlocking the cage to the stash near the Courthouse then immediately entering the courthouse.
  • Bird Most Wanted side mission should now always start correctly.
  • Fixed Firefly intro movie not starting properly in certain cases.
  • Fix for Bane 2 not spawning again in FFC at start of prison
  • Users should no longer be getting stuck outside of GCPD shooting range.
  • Jezebel Plaza objective does not clear away in rare situations. This has been addressed.
  • *NEW* Fix potential cinematic mode blocks just before the objective to find Electrocutioner’s Electromagnetic Signature
  • *NEW* Additional code to prevent ‘infinite falling’ states.
  • *NEW* Fixed another potential stuck in cinematic mode bug in the Bridge/Firefly sequence that prevents users from grappling away when loading a save game that’s in a bad state
  • *NEW* Fixed another ‘infinite falling’ issue in GCPD
  • *NEW* Added hack to fix not being able to get 100% because the Concept Art is measured out of 120 instead of the correct value of 80
  • *NEW* Fixed Mad Hatter Icon not showing up on the back menu Map when restarting or quitting after Mad Hatter Intro
  • *NEW* Fixed crash when performing Sign in/sign out process if Batman is equipped with any other costume other than default 
  • *NEW* Fixed a bug preventing users from confronting Black Mask at the church (After destroying drug stash in Sheldon Park) 
  • *NEW* Fixed another ‘infinite fallling’ in Blackgate Prison
  • *NEW* Fixed ‘secure area’ bug with Gotham Bridge
  • *NEW* Fixed missing objective for Lacey Towers in certain scenarios
  • *NEW* Fix for the player being locked behind a door by AI vs AI (user was stuck in Industrial District Enigma Tower)


  • Crash - Fixed issue where the game would crash when LAN-pulling during the SP to MP transition.
  • Blocker - Fixed issue where the match would not end if a player used a suicide attack to kill the last Elite.
  • HUD/UI - Fixed issue where the user was incorrectly informed that the active control point is 50m away when they are standing inside it.
  • Gameplay - Fixed issue where direct hits from the UAV or RC airship would not destroy scramblers on control points.
  • Graphics - Fixed issue where hair would render on top of effects and distortion materials
  • Networking - Fixed an issue where a loss of internet connection would not be detected while creating a private/public lobby.
  • Gameplay - Fixed an issue where users would not get proper XP if they killed an opposing after getting killed themselves.
  • Gameplay - Fixed an issue where an incorrect Obituary would be displayed if you were killed by a player that was already dead.
  • UI/HUD - Fixed an issue where a Joker Elite would respawn with the Nail Gun icon as his primary weapon if he was killed while the Dual Wield ability was active.
  • Functionality - Fixed an issue where a would temporarily lose their sprint capabilities.
  • Audio - Fixed an issue where VOs would not be triggered properly when the Heroes were close to victory
  • UI - Fixed an issue where the "migrating host message" would remain on screen after accepting an invite while host migration is in progress.
  • Fixed issue where the title would not revert to English when booting the title in un-supported languages.
  • Fixed issue where consumable's names and descriptions would not be in English if the user booted in some unsupported languages.
  • Crash – Fixed issue where game would crash during load screens after multiple matches
  • Networking – Improvements to matchmaking
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