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X Rebirth

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Deep Silver
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Patch 1.15

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

• Fixed a number of crashes during start-up and in-game.
• Fixed crash when docking at certain capital ships.
• Fixed a problem with missing flight control data in savegames.
• Fixed a stall when loading savegames.
• Fixed characters crouching when you talk to them.
• Fixed ships still following you when you remove them from your squad.
• Removed "Show me your skills" option for NPCs that cannot be hired.
• Increased voice volume in videos.
• Added feedback to indicate when you cannot hire someone because your crew is full (note: Yisha tells you, but there is currently no voice, only subtitles).
• Added data to try to help nVidia Optimus software select the correct GPU.
• Added fallback to show subtitles if the voice for a text line is missing, even if subtitles are off.
• Added Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese localisations.

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