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Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager

Also known as:
Buzz Aldrin's SPM
Polar Motion
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Patch 1.6.25

Author: Administrator Date: 17.03.16 System:

• Fixed the way the game handles network disconnects when attempting to upload the game to the PBEM server.
• Added a check in the ‘load game’ screen that prompts the asks the player whether he or she wants to delete all except the last 5 autosave files if there are more than 20.
• Added maintenance cost for mission components and rocket programs in the management dialogs.
• Added program maintenance cost in the ‘open program’ confirmation pop-up.
• Improved the usability of the program details dialog by making the white text black.
• Added RD difficulty factor for all mission components in the ‘programs details’ screen.
• Fixed the initial reliability in the ‘programs details’ screen so that it’s computed taking into account the reliability transfer.
• Employees who are ill can no longer be sent to advanced training while unavailable.
• The game will no longer allow players to close an opened program if there are pending scheduled missions.

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