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Bau-Simulator 2015

Also known as:
Construction-Simulator 2015
weltenbauer Software Entwicklung GmbH
Astragon [+]
Release date:
18.11.2014 (Steam); 19.11.2014
Off. Website:
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Patch 1.2

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:


  • Fixed currency format on statistics screen
  • Fixed some cargo- and vehicle loading bugs
  • Hide HUD input is working again
  • Updated Steam SDK
  • Improved vehicle & trailer resets
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Improved vehicle motor force in combination with loaded trailers
  • Improved excavator and forklift blocking
  • Changed the layout of some locations to soften steep ramps
  • Fixed positioning of several traffic lights
  • Improved AI traffic behaviour
  • Improved performance
  • Improved fill state visualization of concrete forms
  • Fixed various problems with cargo objects and loading areas
  • ‘Think about purchasing new vehicle’ reminder is no longer shown once the player has reached the correct threshold (15 vehicles)
  • Fixed issue with a DLC mission being available (although not completable) for players without the DLC


  • New vehicle added to the vehicle dealer: Escort Vehicle (Stops NPC traffic in a wider area once activated. Can be used to keep crossings empty for larger vehicles.)
  • Vehicles and trailer are now restored to their actual last position before “safe” fallback positions are considered
  • Vehicles transported on trailers should now be properly restored
  • Reset / sell all cargo functions added to cargo screen
  • Reset all vehicles to homebase button added to motorpool screen
  • Indicators to vehicle quick selection added (own vehicle, driver seat taken)
  • Vehicle buttons in quick selection are now disabled if all seats are taken
  • Added new region (Australia) for multiplayer games
  • Added content and logic for DLC 2
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