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Bau-Simulator 2015

Also known as:
Construction-Simulator 2015
weltenbauer Software Entwicklung GmbH
Astragon [+]
Release date:
18.11.2014 (Steam); 19.11.2014
Off. Website:
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Patch 1.31

Author: Administrator Date: 23.11.15 System:


  • Fixed clearing of construction site on missions where subtasks are skipped
  • Fixed some problems with support legs on some vehicles if two inputs are pressed
  • Fixed restoring of the bridge after restarting the game
  • Fixed problems with drilling pipe orientation on the bridge mission
  • Fixed reset of crawler crane in multiplayer games if clients uses this vehicle
  • Fixed a problem with camera controls not blocking vehicle inputs in function mode
  • Fixed sound problems on several vehicles


  • Startscreen now shows gold edition logo if gold edition is installed. You will also have the gold edition if all four DLCs are installed.

Note (XBox One Controller / Windows 10)
There are issues with the XBox One Controller on Windows 10, which unfortunately can’t be fixed without causing problems on Windows 8 and previous versions. We have uploaded a special version for Windows 10 for players experiencing these control issues. (The version is identical otherwise)

To download this version:

Right-Click Construction Simulator in your Steam Library -> Properties -> Betas -> Select “windows10”

After a short update, the version should be adjusted. (May requires a steam restart to trigger the download)

Important Note: Only players with the same version see each other in multiplayer. So make sure you are up to date.

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