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IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

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1C Company
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Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:
  • Incorrect friendly fire penalty for shooting static objects, neutral and enemy houses fixed;
  • Server performance improved twice in the moments when ground vehicles explode during massive AI battles;
  • Dserver crashes that happen 1-2 times a day fixed;
  • In Campaign missions “Escort for assault planes”, “Ground attack”; “Ground forces support” there’s now a chance for the 2nd and the 3rd waves of enemy fighter escort to appear;
  • Spawn points for enemy fighters are now random in “Escort for assault planes” missions in Campaign;
  • Target area is now shown correctly on the enemy territory in the Uranus operation in Campaign;
  • Briefing data about airfield altitude and target approach altitude was rounded up in Campaign;
  • Atmosphere pressure and temperature were set in accordance to te dates in Campaign;
  • Autoplay for the final video cut scene fixed in Campaign;
  • Getting XP and a new level on the same debriefing window fixed in Campaign;
  • AI covering tactics changed: they don’t fly far away now from the objects they are covering
  • XP counting for destroying villages or towns was disabled. You still can get XP for destroying warehouses, plants, bridges, railway stations;
  • Plane setup is now correctly transferred from mission settings when login to a server or loading a mission; personal customizations are recorded for one mission;
  • Default plane setup no longer stops player from starting a mission (but we recommend you to check the settings if you’re playing on a custom server);
  • Incorrect image proportions fixed on loading screens;
  • User settings reset function will no longer reset all options but custom interface only;
  • Stats for destroyed static objects fixed;
  • XP counting for targets destroyed by the AI gunner fixed. Each object destroyed by a gunner should now be added to pilot’s log.
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