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OMSI 2 - Der Omnibussimulator

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Patch 2.2.021

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

As today progresses, OMSI update 2.2.021 will be installed via Steam.
We recommend the following precautions:

  • Please backup the most important files. Steam still overwrites files and folders that are not part of the update.
  • Please remove your addons before updating and add them to your game again one by one. Determining an addon causing problems is much easier that way!

The following changes have been made:

  • Bug fixed that reduced the calculated special vehicle density many times over.
  • The calculation, which path is used by the user's bus has been corrected --> traffic lights request should now be calculated with proper values for Approachdist. Some bugs concerning the behaviour of AI and user's bus have been solved thereby.
  • Ways with no vehicular traffic are now properly being ignored when placing AI vehicles.
  • Probability of special vehicles (fire department, transporters) on Spandau has been reduced to 20% of the previous value due to fix the (now) correct calculation of their density.
  • Passangers sitting in a vehicle part that has no exits now properly leave their section and move to another one in order to exit the vehicle. For example: Leaving the front part of an articulated bus in order to exit via the rear one.
  • Bug within the pennant script of O305 has been corrected.
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