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Out of the Park Baseball 16

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Out of the Park Developments
Out of the Park Developments
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Patch 16.6.30

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

- Added dynamically generated hint / loading text based on the currently loaded game
- Emphasized leaders for batting & pitching stats in player screen
- Added pitcher WAR to team register history
- Allow separate overall and potential scales
- If not displaying current ratings, show potential ratings on player lists instead
- Improved game substitution logic
- Improved depth chart logic
- Improved lineup logic
- Added option to use 40-man roster for playoff roster eligibility
- Implemented playoff injury rules (players may be placed on DL in playoffs and replaced, but must miss the next series)
- Removed ability to use the DL in the off-season (players must be activated)
- Added quick accounting widget to finances screen
- Generate HTML game logs by default
- Fixed custom create game crash
- Fixed bug where remove DH would not work in game
- Fixed issue where custom lineup would be placed in wrong spot in 7-day lineup
- Fixed issue where custom lineup would give an incorrect error
- Fixed 1942-1945 league total stats
- Fixed error of double counting draft offers
- Fixed park factor for batter WAR calculations
- Added Batting runs to sortable player lists (park-adjusted, need to delete "\tables" folder in OOTP custom data folder, can be found via Settings dialog -> Troubleshooting -> Open folder containing customizable data")
- Fixed last 10 calculation for rescheduled games
- In Find a Player, added ability to only include "hometown" players, as well as search by award wins
- Fixed issues with 3D ball flight
- Updated Opening Day rosters (need to start new game for changes to apply)
- Fixed several minor bugs + text issues

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