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Dungeons 2

Also known as:
Kalypso Media
Release date:
28.04.2015; 24.04.2015 (Steam)
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Patch 1.3

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

New Features and Gameplay Improvements

  • Introduced an option in the options menu to get ingame notifications when a quick game match is looking for players
  • Multiplayer chat (Enter to team, Shift-Enter to all)
  • Introduced a new four player multiplayer map: The ancient Naga temple
  • All multiplayer maps can now be started if there are at least two players
  • Skirmish: Higher difficulties now more difficult. Enemies have higher Hitpoints, Damage and Armor
  • Some spells can now be cast in enemy and neutral territory.


  • Guard Room: Horn/Gong cost increase from 500 to 750 Gold, and space requirement from 1x1 to 2x2 tiles
  • Exploding Chest Trap: now explode each other when placed nearby
  • Tentacle trap: Cooldown reduced from 2.5s to 1.5s.
  • Improved tentacle trap: Cooldown reduced from 2.5s to 2s and damage increased from 30 to 35.
  • Infested: Increased cooldown of explode from 90s to 120s
  • Ent and Ent Elder: Severely increased hitpoints from 150 to 1500 and 200 to 2000 respectively

Other Improvements

  • Play campaign map description audio when selecting mission
  • Shadow lurker now uses invisibility in dungeon
  • Unit z position changes now interpolated (smoother movement)
  • Tutorial Screen: Removed "no more hints" toggle; can still be turned off in options.
  • Notification events now have some context information (Name of dead creature, gold cost during payday, ...)
  • Showing remaining time for rally flag (press Space)
  • Improved player colored shader, with premulitplied alpha for better colors!
  • Added tooltip info about casting range and holding mouse button to some spells
  • Improved sound effects in several rooms
  • Improved Guludruul Blizzard skill visualization timings
  • Options Menu: Enable key rebinding when clicking on label
  • Special campaign screen text for last campaign when playing as demon
  • Show creature's xp and xp to next level in tooltip
  • Show a bubble when waiting AI enemies get alerted by dropping monsters or attacking with spells
  • Multiplayer: Region Names now show owning player name
  • Multiplayer: Show disconnected status of players in stats
  • Units now slightly move away when hit by unattackable enemy
  • Improved some billboard particle effects


  • Fixed menu options (campaign, skirmish, multiplayer, etc.) not working for some players
  • Fixed problems when launching logic process with MS.NET - workaround
  • Possible fixes for steam invited lobby problems
  • Skirmish Sevenhills: removed duplicated music ...
  • Mana balls don't open doors anymore
  • Catapults and other structures are no longer protected by paladin shields or mana shields
  • Grumli in "The Battle for King’s Ending – This time it’s for real " can't be killed by tempting town portal anymore (like all other bosses)
  • Prevent selecting portals in RTS mode
  • A New Hope: Fixed completion bug of "Build more treasuries" side quest
  • Fixed the overworld cursor uncovering the fog of war when the player had picked up units in the underworld
  • Fixed royal treasury capacity display to correctly account for both treasury pile places (total capacity is 1000, not 1000 per pile)
  • Fix: Succubus’ Bewitch needs to be researched
  • Campaign: horde/demon selection button now has a tooltip
  • Multiplayer: Fixed Little Snots stopping to work in some rare occasions if they found jobs of other players
  • Stop bewitch skill when target dies
  • Fixed bug where the Absolute Evil could get stuck in the lava river in first camapign map
  • Correct font used for demon unit names in Polish, Russian, Korean
  • Fixed damage display of sieged rockthrowers
  • Fixed some projectiles like arrows not getting removed correctly.
  • Fixed some oscillating AI behaviour (halfling bards running back and forth instead of disarming)
  • Correctly rescan and attack recently detected enemies like Elven Ranger
  • Orcs now carry their weapons when motivating
  • Correctly continue resurrecting progress when loading a savegame (e.g. after game save/load)
  • Fixed selection group key handling so they work when hovering UI as well
  • Fixed tile selection in build room mode when gold changes.
  • Fixed health bar positioning on spider eggs and other scaled objects.
  • Correctly rebuild broken trap when worker find all boxes already present at gimmick
  • Elven ranger now correctly uses invisible spell
  • Fixed Ent smash effect to be always on ground
  • Fixed Signal horn/gong not re-signaling again under some circumstances
  • Fixed lava in horde throne Tier 3
  • Fixed shader issue with demon entrance
  • Linux: Fixed mouse scrolling not working on top border
  • Linux: Fixed auto cam move after start of game
  • The Battle for King’s Ending – This time it’s for real: Removed preplaced perk "The Abstinent" (makes no sense for demons)
  • Fixed idle animation not getting played mid-combat for heroes
  • Fixed spider web not getting deactivated correctly
  • Fixed some occasions where global research buffs where awarded twice to pre-placed units.
  • Omit most once-effects when not visible with camera
  • Fixed some units getting stuck when too close to a collapsing spawner-house.
  • Fixed "on cooldown" error if spell is recast by holding down mouse button
  • Fixed evil hand is near - animation for rockthrower
  • Fixed medusa ray not visible under some circumstances when targeting knocked enemies
  • Fixed some rare bug causing spiders to get stuck in their spider caves
  • Fixed: Infested cannot explode anymore when he just died.
  • Various minor tweaks/fixes and improvements to maps
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