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Dungeons 2

Also known as:
Kalypso Media
Release date:
28.04.2015; 24.04.2015 (Steam)
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Patch 1.4.1

Author: Administrator Date: 14.09.15 System:

New Features and Gameplay Improvements:

  • Added Czech text translations (provided by a nice group of czech players! Thanks again! May still have some english texts and will be improved)
  • Several sounds added or improved


  • "In the swamplands": Fixed a blocker that prevented the player to build crystal chambers
  • "Pixie village": Players can no longer build in entrance area, area enclosed with granite
  • "Vassals (Chance of Dragons)": Fixed a bug that made a perk at the tree of life unreachable
  • Fixed rare cases where level load never completed
  • Fixed tooboxes/spider eggs being earmarked for objects that didn't need them
  • Fixed naga mining effect
  • Fixed a bug due to which centaurs would not trigger a "enemies entered your dungeon" warning
  • Fixed missing Guludruul teleport effect
  • Fixed issue with mana achievement
  • Fixed savegame compatibility issue
  • Fixed load game problem regarding guard rooms if the room under a horn got merged or splitted
  • Fixed a bug that caused units to disappear when ordered to upgrade but arena was not reachable
  • Fixed ent skill visualizations
  • Fixed the dialog log to scroll to bottom on open and to display the text
  • Fixed salary notification tooltip, now only uses the players creatures to calculate salary
  • Sounds: Disabled doppler shift
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