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Hotfix 13/05/2015

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

We've got a few minor hotfixes coming in today based on the the bug reports we've been getting:

  • Fixed a bug with multiple Paradox daemons allowing you to hack after one had worn off. This will impact only newly created missions.
  • Fixed guard peripheral vision occasionally not updating correctly, causing them to notice you beyond line of sight. This will impact only newly created missions.
  • Fixed an exploit involving agents with Stealth 5 and being able to create infinite AP through running. This will impact only newly created missions.
  • Fixed a handful of mission animations.
  • Fixed a handful of typos.
  • Fix for a crash situation involving hunting guards after alarm level 5.
  • Fixed a potential crash while scanning the CEO and being shot by a guard.
  • Fixed a possible viz crash while a guard was looking around and subsequently being overwatch shot.
  • Fixed a rare crash involving pathfinding when a grenade guard tried to throw a grenade from a cell being pathed through by another guard.
  • Fix for possible issues with double-clicking certain buttons that would result in rewind/loading errors.
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