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Order of Battle: Pacific

Also known as:
The Artistocrats
Slitherine Software
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Patch 1.8.3

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

 Custom camouflage skins to personalize your ground vehicles
 Access to DLC manager in the main menu
 Captured units can now be repaired, but only at 1 strength point per turn.
 Bunkers and MG Foxholes can no longer be constructed adjacent to an enemy ground unit
 Mines can no longer be placed on exit points
 When upgrading an aircraft stored in a carrier, it can no longer take off during the same turn
 When not in deployment phase carrier-based aircraft can no longer be deployed next to a
carrier, but only inside one of its cargo slots
 Every battleship can carry one floatplane in its cargo
 Napping & sleeping units marked as darker dots on the minimap
 Spanish language added
 Code & memory usage optimizations

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