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Trainz: A New Era

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N3V Games
Deep Silver
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Hotfix 1

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:
  • Added a mechanism tying speedtree density to tree detail settings for the Hinton route
  • Adjusted the settings sliders to make performance settings more intuitive.
  • Made scenery culling more aggressive at responding to settings changes and camera movements.
  • Fixed an issue where the "x" (cancel) button in the in-game settings did not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where some detail settings could become saved into a session, overriding the user's desired settings.
  • Minor performance improvements included for the in-game profiler
  • Moving around the baseboard in roaming view no longer results in a visual stutter of the compass.
  • Improved some cases which could lead to long "not responding" delays while installing content.
  • Improved the robustness of database writes against unexpected failures, and improved logging of write failures.
  • Enabled language selection for the Simulator Central/Kickstarter release.
  • Added some minor performance improvement for routes with excessive numbers of objects in the scene.
  • Improved the render synchronisation between smoke/exhaust pfx and train motion.
  • "Remove Column" and "Insert Column" are now localized in CM.
  • Fixed a potential crash when opening the launcher window from in-game.
  • Fixed some problems with the in-game "purchase route" and "purchase session" buttons.
  • Launcher now occasionally reminds people that there is an uninstalled update.
  • Fixed an issue where automatic delete/rename retry would never fail out regardless of the number of failed attempts.
  • PCs which swap between an integrated Intel GPU and a discreet graphics card now offer less confusing options in the display selection menu.
  • Improve the handling of alt-tab and print-screen in DirectX.
  • Fix a case where a missing thumbnail graphic could cause the framerate to drop substantially.
  • Fixed an issue where a spurious dependency was reported when attempting to start a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed the minimum allowed window size to take into account the window frame size.
  • Fixed a case where resizing the window rapidly could result in an incorrectly scaled render output.
  • New EN/PL localised manual added (where appropriate.)
  • Splines (v2.9+) now respond to the scenery detail slider.
  • Assorted minor optimisations.
  • Fixed an issue where the "starting trainz" status text could be clipped incorrectly.
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