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Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2017

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Farming Simulator 2017
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Patch 1.4.2

Author: Administrator Date: 30.03.17 System:

•Fixed direct sowing machines to work properly with the same fruit (1.4.2)

•Fixed helper with the Lemken Solitair 12 (1.4.2)

•Fixed helper with the Joskin Modulo (1.4.2)

•Added color selection in the shop for the Goldhofer STZ-VP 3 (1.4.2)

•Improved all-wheel steering for the Holmer TerraDos (1.4.2)

•Increased overloading speed of Holmer Terra Felis (1.4.2)

•Mirrored text on Joskin Tornado (1.4.2)

•Fixed trees from placeables and planted trees going invisible when releasing the tension belts at the train (1.4.2)

•Fixed reverse sound in multiplayer when turning off the motor (1.4.2)

•Fixed log error message in multiplayer (e.g. with Lemken Gigant 10): Validity check failed in TransformGroup_setDirection: Direction is zero (1.4.2)

•Fixed log message "Static actor moved" with savegames that have placeable trees (1.4.2)

•Seeds and fertilizer trigger now don't close the tool covers automatically (1.4.2)

•The farm silo trigger now automatically opens the trailer covers (1.4.2)

•Fixed crash when attaching/detaching trees on the train while a vehicle is close (1.4.2)

•Increased width of Lely Tigo xr 75 pickup (1.4.2)

•Fixed weeder when running over grass windrows (converted them into silage foil) (1.4.2)

•PS4/XB1: Fixed crash with the ForReal Ground Response mod (PS4 error code CE-34878-0) (1.4.2)

•PS4/XB1: Fixed deactivation of the ForReal mods without fully restarting the game (1.4.2)

•Fixed mods dynamically creating pallets (e.g. Fabrikscript) (1.4.2)

•Fixed maximum camera rotation for Tobii EyeX (predecessor to Tobii Eye Tracker 4C) (1.4.2)

• Improved handling of bunker silos (1.4)

•Improved handling of levelers (1.4)

•Various engine optimizations (1.4)

•Improved loading of old savegames (1.4)

•Various improvements in graphics and functions of the vehicles (1.4)

•Fixed issues with conveyors (1.4)

•Fixed various map issues (1.4)

•Improved helper (1.4)

•Various improvements when tipping anywhere (1.4)

•Improvements with the forestry (1.4)

•Fixed issues with the animals (1.4)

•Various improvements for the GUI (1.4)

•Various improvements in the multiplayer and the dedicated servers (1.4)

•Fixed several localization issues (1.4)

•Improved compatibility with several input devices (1.4)

•Fixed various other smaller issues (1.4)

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