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Emergency 5

Also known as:
sixteen tons entertainment
Deep Silver
Release date:
November 2014
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Patch 4.1.0

Author: Administrator Date: 30.12.17 System:


    • Hamburg flood, one car would sometimes not spawn after repeating the mission
  • EMERGENCY 2016
    • Supermarket robbery, the robbers now take much longer to escape
    • Tornado, fixed the collision of a fence
    • Train Crash, fixed that one person could be placed inside a train after being freed
    • Fixed the door of a taxi in the mass collision event
    • Tires will now always be towed with cars in the mass collision event
    • Nuclear disaster, evacuation vehicle now always has just 6 seats
  • Improved visualization of towing rotated cars
  • Improved behaviour of the weather when repeating missions
  • The rescue dog team now no longer can be unresponsive after getting into and out of their car
  • The supervisor will stop giving tips after the mission has already failed
  • Command icons in the help screen will now properly switch when switching between units pages
  • A purely decorative pier in Munich can no longer be used to get units onto the water
  • Fixed a rare instance where firemen ran to the edge of the map, when ordered to cut open a vehicle


  • Improved performance for clients


  • Added new functions to the video player


  • Improved synchronization with the WORLD of EMERGENCY accounts for achievements earned on Steam


  • Expanded Code to make modding for multiplayer easier and added a sample plugin to the SDK
  • „Custom“ light animations now properly use animation speeds
  • Animations for vehicles are now moddable (turntable ladder, heavy tow truck, tow truck, motor boat transport)



Older Patchnotes:

Patch 4.0.1 contains numerous improvements and bugfixes for EMERGENCY 5, EMERGENCY 2016 and EMERGENCY 2017. The update will be delivered via our patch server and Steam automatically, or you can download it from our website.

Hotfix 4.0.2


  • Fixed an issue in the fireworks factory-event which could result in the objective counting more buried persons than were actually there
  • Pressing the escape key during a backstage video will now go back to mission select
  • Fixed an issue where the supervisor would sometimes use the wrong text on mission failures

General issues

  • Fixed an issue that reset some sound levels to zero when starting a game
  • Vehicles are less jittery on inclines
  • Fixed a potential disconnect issue when calling units in multiplayer mode

Patchnotes for 4.0.1:

Gameplay & GUI

  • Fixed buildings in Cologne and Hamburg that were difficult for Firemen to enter
  • Fixed rare issue with disappearing mouse cursor after curscene in the Oktoberfest event
  • Improved interactions between diver and boat
  • Many small improvements to usability to make units more responsive
  • Collapsed buildings are now marked on the minimap


  • Wind turbines now turn the right way
  • Fixed animation issues with the police dog handler
  • Fixed off-center text in some loading screens


  • Compatibility with EMERGENCY 20 established
  • Missing persons are now displayed better for clients
  • Improved lighting of vehicles for clients
  • Fixed rare issue where no treatment was possible after decontamination
  • Improved stability of multiplayer server
  • Fixed overlapping windows in the ending screens

World Builder

  • New Feature „Morph Component“: e.g. morphs „Mesh“ into  „Tintable Mesh“
  • New dialogue to set map size when creating an empty map
  • Asset Browser
    • Added searchable tags
    • Added search function to the project section
  • Navigation Map Generator Tool
    • Fixed crash when deleting a navigation-map in the Navigation Map Generator Tool
    • Improved usability
  • Maps in write-protected projects can now be opened, but the user gets notified
  • Added warning in the log if there are holes in the ground map
  • Mesh Assets now support BGR-Colours
  • „Save as Prefab“ can now overwrite files not in the EMERGENCY 5 project
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements

Online Editor

  • Improved project management
    • Fixed disconnects when importing a project
    • It is no longer possible to open maps of currently inactive projects, since this could lead to terrain display problems
    • When opening maps in write-protected projects we cut the connection to the server for security reasons
    • When opening write-protected maps or logging into an admin account the menu will appear red and a tool tip has been added
    • Fixed issue where sometimes a new project would not show up in the clients project lists until the server was rebooted
  • Expanded project management
    • Newly created project will be visible only to the user who created it
    • Added "OwnerUserLogin", "RestrictedUserAccess", "ReadOnlyUserLogins" and "ReadWriteUserLogins" to manage project access for users
  • New map dialogue
    • You can now create a new map based on the copy of an existing one in the online editor
    • Added information to the dialogue when cloning a map
  • Improvements to asset management
    • Asset modification dates internally saved in UTC will now be displayed correctly in local time
    • Map assets can now be renamed by administrators
    • Terrain assets are now handled by the online editor server
    • Terrain source assets are now compressed
    • Improved GUI when deleting assets


  • „getLinks()“-problem solved
  • Patchable Mods: Mods can now be overwritten with newer versions
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