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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Proxy Studios
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Patch 1.4.6

Author: Administrator Date: 27.02.20 System:

## General
* New game player settings, including colors, difficulties, factions and teams, are now saved.
* Changing world size no longer automatically changes the amount of players.
* Battle estimate traits are now decompressed for increased readability.
* Passive actions can no longer be disabled by default.
* Added --simulateHighNetworkLatency "Delay network processing to simulate high latency." executable argument.

## Balance
* Fearless and Zealot now decrease morale loss by 50% instead of giving morale immunity.
* Removed Space Marines city tier upgrades providing resource bonuses to all features.
* Reduced Space Marines Fortress of Redemption influence upkeep from 3 to 2.
* Fortress of Redemption cooldown now scales with game pace.
* Waaagh! now grants +5...+25% attacks instead of +4...+20% damage and +2...+10% feel no pain damage reduction.
* Scrolls of Magnus now grants +6 instead of +20% research.
* Tantalising Icon now grants +8 instead of +20% influence.
* Reduced Gargoyles group size from 9 to 8.
* Reduced cost of Gargoyles by 25%.
* Moved Shield Vane back from tier 6 to 2.
* The Triarch Stalker's Targeting Relay now only affects infantry again.

## Bug Fixes
* Fixed crash that would occur when joining a multiplayer game and afterwards hosting a multiplayer game.
* Fixed crash when using Warp Blast Lance against a unit with Psychic Block.
* Fixed unavailable reason not showing for unit actions.
* Fixed crash when activating the same consumable item multiple times.
* Fixed Destroyer Lord's Destruction Protocols applying to allies instead of enemies.
* Fixed being able to move items between units while there are actions in progress.
* Fixed unit state transition inconsistencies that could result in crashes.
* Fixed Imperial Bastion tech hint.
* Fixed crash when using an operation and afterwards hovering over a unit in a new game.
* Fixed Void Strike not being usable until after max charges are accumulated.
* Fixed Russian translation typos and errors.

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