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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Patch 1.5.0

Author: Administrator Date: 27.02.20 System:

New Faction (T'au DLC)
• The Greater Good
• Initial Challenge: Medium
• Utopia: Each new type of building in a city increases loyalty, each duplicate building decreases loyalty.
• Convert Auxiliary: Convert T’au auxiliaries to your side.
• For The Greater Good: Use your diplomatic influence to crush enemy unit morale.
• Subvert City: Undermine the power and authority of enemy cities to reduce their loyalty.
• Tidewall Shieldline: Cities and outposts reflect incoming ranged damage.
• Supporting Fire: Increased overwatch damage against enemy units next to other friendly units.
• Markerlight: Mark enemy units for a more damaging attack.
• Bonding Knife Ritual: Sacrifice individual gain to restore unit morale for the betterment of the Empire as a whole.
• Drones: Miracles of T’au technology that provide offensive, defensive and tactical support.
• Trade Goods: Purchase resources and even proselytise population.
• Support Systems: Install support systems on battlesuits. Each battlesuit only has a limited number of support system slots.

• Added Vespid Stingwings neutral units (T'au DLC).
• Added new item, Dusk Blade: Grants life steal to all melee weapons (T'au DLC).
• Added 20 new achievements (14 for T'au DLC and 6 for Fortification Pack).
• Added 40 new region names.
• Added Jet Pack trait -- movement equivalent of Skimmer, but not countered by anti-skimmer weapons. Heavy Destroyer and Destroyer Lord are now Jet Pack instead of Skimmer units.
• Added Haywire trait to Tentaclids: Increases the damage and ignores armour against vehicles and fortifications.
• Added bits and pieces of new flavor text.
• Faction DLC can now be disabled in the advanced game lobby settings.

• Higher player difficulties now produce higher level units (hard +1, very hard +2, ultra hard +3, impossible +4).
• Music is now played in a more randomized manner to minimize repetitions.
• Research and item options now appear even if the corresponding DLC has not been enabled for the game to make it clear a new game must be started with adjusted settings.
• Added "General/TerminateWithMarkContentCorrupt" setting to be able to bypass Steam verifying files after startup crashes.
• Updated localizations.
• Destroyer Lord now benefits from the Hammer of Wrath upgrade when using Jet Charge.
• Orbital Bombardment now has 8 instead of 12 accuracy but Apocalyptic instead of Large Blast.
• Fortresses of Redemption now disband when Space Marines lose their city so that remaining players in the team do not gain Fortress of Redemption bonuses.
• Heroes are now produced with higher experience later in the game, gaining 1 full level every 20 turns after turn 20.
• Items on dying heroes are now lost instead of being returned to the player.
• Doubled the morale impact of deaths. It now equals the experience value of the unit dying.
• Doubled the morale impact of deaths. It now equals the experience value of the unit dying.
• Morale no longer regenerates if the unit has taken damage this turn.
• Merged Instinctive Behaviour into a single trait that reduces morale each turn. The multiple types of maluses did not make clear sense in their exclusive assignment to particular units and caused unnecessary friction when moving to the front lines with rally points.
• Override Instinctive Behaviuor influence cost now scales with the unit strength (Termagants = 3, Carnifex = 12).
• Increased Synapse Archevores influence cost reduction from -33% to -50%.
• Adjusted blast, template and beam affected members and accuracy.
• Defensive Protocols, Aura of Discipline and "Bring it Down!" no longer works on Fortifications, Gargantuan Creatures, Monstrous Creatures and Vehicles.
• Increased "Gunners, Kill on Sight!" damage from +10...30% to +20...60%.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed Gargantuan Squiggoth missing Feel No Pain trait.
• Fixed Hive Tyrant missing Jink and Hammer of Wrath.
• Fixed being able to load games that have been started with DLC that is not installed.
• Fixed being able to add units and items via the debug panel for which the DLC is not installed.
• Fixed unit actions container not being scrollable, hiding the shop action on units such as Tervigon and Cadre Fireblade when all abilities and upgrades are unlocked.
• Fixed Lord of Skulls not having the Vehicle trait.
• Fixed Lord of Skulls sounds playing at wrong positions.
• Fixed Waaagh! Level hint in the top bar showing incorrect % attacks.
• Fixed player's name being reset when changing faction.
• Fixed not being able to use Scier's Gaze on tiles with artefacts.
• Fixed a rare crash that could occur when attacking.
• Fixed Quantum Shielding going on cooldown before being unlocked.
• Fixed Quantum Shielding going on cooldown the same turn it goes off cooldown.
• Fixed not being able to activate Sleeping Sentry.
• Fixed crashes that could occur when units were accelerated when out of player sight.
• Fixed Catachan Devil Lair sometimes not being attackable.
• Fixed outposts acquired by cities not changing ownership when surrendering.
• Fixed "From Units" showing twice in the city loyalty hint.
• Fixed being able to orbital deploy to your own tile, crashing the game.
• Fixed being able to orbital deploy to unsighted tiles.
• Fixed being able to orbital deploy and teleport into transports, causing two units to be on the same tile.
• Fixed Da Jump not capturing outposts.
• Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer because an action's affected tiles were not cleared on the clients.
• Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer due to action deletion on client being out of order with server.
• Fixed Canoptek Scarabs not having any models when between 0.5 and 1.0 hp.
• Fixed Marauder Bomber bombing run explosion sounds playing too early.

• Added new attribute modifier effects: `<ignoreLineOfSight>`, `<ignoreZoneOfControl>`, `<loyaltyFromUtopiaDuplicate>`, `<loyaltyFromUtopiaType>`, `<population>`, `<supportSystemSlots>`.
• Added new unit modifier effect: `<refreshMoraleTraits>`.
• Added new unit modifier condition: `<affiliate>` (unit is of same player).
• Added new modifier conditions: `<encounterRange>`, `<supportingFire>`.
• `<unitsInRange>` modifier condition now supports all the conditions of the `<unit>` condition.
• Added support for traits affecting areas when units disappear with `<onUnitDisappeared><area>`, see SynapticBacklash.xml.
• `<onUnitDisappearedModifiers>` is now deprecated.
• Synaptic Backlash radius is no longer hardcoded.
• And They Shall Know No Fear and Stubborn are no longer hardcoded.
• Added support for player modifier effects: `<win/>` and `<lose/>`, see SynapticBacklash.xml comments for an example how to trigger a loss if there are no allied Termagants present on the map when your Tervigon dies.

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