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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Patch 1.7.6

Author: Administrator Date: 25.07.21 System:


## General
* Unit descriptions now say if a unit can clear tiles.
* Added User Data option to the Extras menu for easy access to the game's configuration, logs and saved games.

## Balance
* Reduced Umbra attacks from 6 to 4.

## Bug Fixes
* Fixed shaken and broken traits not taking into account morale increase from levels for the thresholds.
* Fixed Hemlock Wraithfighter not consuming all movement when using Shrouding or Dominate.
* Fixed units being able to interfere with queued overwatch attacks.
* Fixed some typos in the French translation.
* Fixed Slitherine Launcher sometimes not starting.
* Fixed Flyboss trait not showing.
* Fixed Stun Grenade notification missing an icon.
* Fixed units not being able to do any actions in rare circumstances when their movement would drop below 0.
* Fixed world data checksum calculation being dependent on the selected language.
* Fixed unit selection hitpoints display sometimes rounding up too far.
* Fixed Spore Mines giving experience to the enemy when suiciding.
* Fixed a rare crash that could occur on quit.
* Fixed a crash that could occur after clicking on a unit icon after the unit died.
* Fixed camera continuing to scroll if a different screen is opened while holding down a scroll key.

## Modding
* Added texture support for Glossiness.
* Faction actions now play specified voiceSound.
* Fixed select faction list going out of the screen if there's too many factions.

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