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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Patch 1.6.3

Author: Administrator Date: 17.11.21 System:


• Added the ability to place markers for allies by Control+MouseLeft clicking on a tile. AI allies tend to move their units towards markers.

• Added the ability to pause and unpause the timer in multiplayer games by clicking Menu > Pause Timer / Unpause Timer.

• Added the ability to choose which monitor the game goes fullscreen on.


• Improved display of player status in multiplayer: added the team, added players that are AI-controlled and if a player if disconnected.

• Surrendering now requires confirmation.

• Unit type discovered notifications are no longer colored red for allied units.

• Don't show buttons that are not relevant to the current game mode.


• Chaos transformations now return a hero's items to the player.

• Reduced Daemon Prince cost and upkeep by 25%.

• Increased Cultist Sacrifice growth from +25% to +50% and Our Lives For The Gods growth bonus from +12.5% to +25%.

• Reduced Prey Adaptation research gain from 3 to 2.

• Reduced Scythed Hierodule attacks from 3 to 2.

• Increased Tidewall Gunrig cooldown from 5 to 10.

• Builder Drones can no longer repair themselves or non-Tau infantry.

• Reduced Tank Commander cost by 33%.

• Changed "Gunners, Kill on Sight!" from +20...60% damage to +15...45% ranged attacks.

• Reduced Killshot damage bonus from +50% back to +33%.

• Changed Ceramite Plating from "Allows Stormraven and Stormtalon Gunships to not take additional damage from melta weapons." to "Increases the armour of Stormraven and Stormtalon Gunships.".

• Reduced movement of gargantuan creatures by 1.

• Reduced Dusk Blade life steal from 50% to 25%.

• The cost of consume tile and purchasing resources no longer scales with game pace.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed text boxes not using fallback font to correctly render non-Latin characters.

• Fixed moving a hitpoints item sometimes spreading morale and giving experience to enemies.

• Fixed Writhing Worldscape preventing units from performing actions.

• Fixed AI losing unspent skill points for their heroes under certain circumstances.

• Fixed modifier keys being stuck when changing display modes.

• Fixed research sometimes getting stuck on already researched technologies when a turn ends while in the research screen.

• Fixed being able to attack fortifications out of sight.

• Fixed units sometimes not going out of the hold position until healed order automatically.

• Fixed Hellbrute's Crazed traits lasting 2 instead of 1 turn.

• Fixed not being able to research extra vehicle armour if the aircraft building was researched.


• Added `costScalesWithPace` attribute to actions.

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