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Fantasy General II - Invasion

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Patch 1.00.07687

Author: Administrator Date: 24.11.19 System:

- Command Speed - You can now configure how fast actions are displayed (between 100% and 400%).
- Visuals - Improved empire theme terrain visuals.
- Pathfinder Aura fix - Pathfinder aura always works for ground units.
- Mirror Image Bug Fix - Mirror Image doesn't fail or win a map instantly anymore in certain scenario.
- Game doesn't continue bug - Fixing a bug that caused the game to not continue after winning a scenario.
- Bay of Kyrios fix - Fixed a bug where the option to make Marcra join was always disabled in Bay of Kyrios.
- Berserker Balancing - Berserkers and Cleavers have less HP and less Morale, Werebears are Flesheaters (heal through killing units).
- Tracker Balancing - Buffed Trackers by making them Mountaineers (can move across mountains) and granting Harass Skill.
- Pegasi Balancing - Unmounted Pegasi cannot capture locations (in preparation for the first DLC).
- Sunken Lands - First few missions are less swampy and separated swamp into smaller bodies of water; water boots drop rate increased while in sunken lands.
- Lizards Balancing - Lizard Hunters and Witch Doctors have Speed 3 instead of 4; Petrify has a range of 3 (instead of 5).
- Tag Bugfix - Fixed a bug where summoned/hired units would receive AI tags if summoned/hired on top of an AI zone, leading to behavior like losing a map or not being able to complete a map when that unit died/didn't die.
- AI Scaling can be disabled - Thanks to the data we collected from you, we now added a fixed progression for both campaigns. The AI scaling can be disabled when starting a new campaign or during a campaign via the gameplay settings (same as you can change the difficulty).
- AI tweaking - AI ranged units prioritize weak fliers less ferociously.
- Hide Army Bar - The army bar can now be hidden. see button to the lower left of your units.
- Death Bugs - Fixed various bugs occuring if a unit dies during an attack.
- UI - Various UI fixes.
- Localization - Various localization fixes.
- Fixed bug with waypoints - Waypoints can't be used anymore to move over spiderwebs-
- Visuals - Fixed various unit visual bugs.
- Visuals - Fixed various VFX bugs.
- Visuals - Changed entangled visual effect in preparation for similar effects to come.
- Fixed bug in summon skill - AI summon in fog of war isn't visible anymore if summoner is visible to player.
- Gameplay - Fixed faulty range display and valid/invalid target markers for skills (i.e. Chain Lightning will now display the correct target range as soon as you select the first target).
- Medred's Knives do not cost supply - This unit does not cost supply when joining your army.
- Mana Regeneration Artefact reduced - This item now provides only 1 mana per kill.

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