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Fantasy General II - Invasion

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Patch 1.00.07404

Author: Administrator Date: 24.11.19 System:

• Analytics - Implemented gathering of stats for campaign difficulty balancing. All stats are anonymous and game - specific only. This will help us determine the avg for non - scaling AI enemies in maps. Once we have the base numbers we will then do a beta test to test the resulting difficulty.
• Dialogues - Various dialogue fixes and rebalancing (Iseal decision are less punishing and/or more beneficial, Centaurs and Marcra can now be properly used)
• Mercenary Tutorial - Added to map 4 (Under Attack) and gave extra gold to hire
• Aura and Resistance bugfix - Resistances > 100% do not heal the target anymore; fixed a bug where non - stackable auras would still stack in damage calculation.
• Difficulty Tutorial - Tutorial added to explain difficulty change during campaign.
• Challenge Difficulty - Added new difficulty replacing normal, normal and easy are now easier; players who were on normal are now playing challenge, Easy is the new normal.
• Supply Skill and scaling - Removed Extra Supply through skill trees from adding to AI scaling if they are actually used by the army (so +2 supply but only using 8/10 supply does not reduce the enemy numbers)
• Sunken Lands - Into the Sunken Lands is less swampy and easier to navigate.
• Unit Cycle - Cycling units ignores and skips petrified units
• Easy Difficulty Buff - The new Easy difficulty provides a damage resistance teambuff to all player units. Making it even easier!
• Dragon Breath / Charge Through - Fixed an issue that caused the game to get stuck if the skill was used
• Bugfix - Fixed an issue that would cause the game to get stuck when stag riders tries to return to his original position after dying during the attack.
• UI - Various changes trying to reduce Chinese font memory usage
• Bugfix - fixed hiring Centaur Mercenaries in camp in Porikos
• Bugfix - fixed that units that are not part of your army provided you with scavenge/gold resources at end of the map
• Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused artefacts to disappear while mirror image was active
• Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused the game to get stuck if a charm runs out after you opened the inventory.
• Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused Blood Oak Bows to increase its stats while playing
• Bugfix - Certain story locations were permanently displayed as "unexplored" and will now properly display.

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