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Original War

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Altar Games
Virgin Interactive
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Author: Administrator Date: 15.01.18 System:




Added: Equalize Hex Height Tool (Issue #398)



Added: Wall Building Type



Added: COLOR parameter to grass (R G B)



Added: CLASS_OVERRIDE to people



Added: ICON to People and Buildings



Added: HEIGHT to people (For laser end point)



Added: SPAWNONDEATH to buldings (ClassID Count)



Added: WEAPON to buildings (WeaponID)



Added: EnterVehicle event to SAIL



Added: EnterVehicleFromBuilding event to SAIL



Added: LeaveVehicle event to SAIL



Added: CrateSpawn event to SAIL



Added: Identify and Note area to SAIL Editor main window



Added: IsSleeping, GetBuildingCost, PlaySoundXYLoop and StopSound to SAIL



Added: top_right, right, bottom_right, bottom_left, left and top_left SAIL constants



Added: CommunityMaps folder allowing community maps in Vanilla OW Multiplayer



Added: Arabian Interface to SGUI



Added: SGUI version of Editor



Added: ToLua Sail Command (SGUI only, no effect in normal OW)



Added: solar_recharge_percent variable to SAIL



Added: changing the colour of crate/artifact in a map



Added: texts.wri can now be used for Skirmish and Multiplayer maps



Added: PakView can now extract all WAV files



Added: Multiplayer Host can now change game speed in game



Added: sound.owp can now be used by mods



Added: Ident Descriptions for Editor - McBenn



Added: Wood Tool to Editor



Added: GroundAnims now support 16bit BMPs (24bit is converted to 16Bit)



Added: GBIs now support an imbedded PNG image



Added: Vehicles and Buildings can now force an attack Ground button (Issue #370)



Added: CacheColorsTXT SAIL command added



Added: profile_name SAIL variable (read only)



Added: simple editions of all multiplayer maps



Added: Small graphics included in Ow_editorOGL_Small.exe and owarOGL_Small.exe



Added: CUSTOMSOUND added to people.txt allowing custom sounds



Added: HEAD added to people.txt with 0 being no head (Defaults to 1)






Added: CustomCommand SAIL event



Added: GetEnvironmentType and IsEnvironmentDestroyable SAIL Commands



Added: GM Factory now included (Successor to GM Editor)



Added: SINGLEDIRECTION added to buildings.txt removing the need for a building to have graphics for each direction



Added: SIGHT added to buildings.txt allowing the default to be changed (Defaults to 0)



Added: Buildings can now have a charge animation



Changed: Multiplayer Lobby will now show all games



Changed: Counters.wri, BNames.wri and CharName.wri will load from maps folder if they exist



Changed: Increased Scroll Speed



Changed: Increased MaxRegBackRects from 1000 to 2000



Changed: Increased max Building Phases to 70



Changed: Window Scroll Speed Increased



Changed: Increased Multiplayer Protocol Version



Changed: crc.bin is now redundent



Changed: only editor will compile SAIL if code.bin exists



Changed: Maps can now have up to 20000 units (10x more)



Changed: Texts.txt will only be loaded from mod folder (Unless wri is missing) (Issue #258)



Changed: Multiple Core Mode is now default. Use singlecore parameter to force singlecore



Fixed: various MC errors



Fixed: Invincible but dead russian apeman armed with machinegun (Issue #392)



Fixed: PlaySoundXY now works correctly



Fixed: Minimap Window in Editor



Fixed: Rare Crash relating to placing or destroying a unit



Fixed: Sound Systems StopAll could prevent future sounds playing (Issue #387)



Fixed: StoneEd now works from the Original War Directory (Its not mod compatible)



Fixed: OW's Bin format can't handle strings larger than 255 (Issue 180)



Fixed: WaterZBuffer is calculated when using the Water Editor



Fixed: Saves with -1 as a unit id reference crash OW (Issue #366)



Fixed: SetCargo - 100 resources limit (Issue #368)



Fixed: AM12 - Russian attack script (Issue 321) - Nefarem



Fixed: Multiplayer maps, Polish corrections needed (Issue 109) - Nefarem



Fixed: Multiplayer map Siberia - Fixed Czech translations - Gravitr



Fixed: Ru03 - Missing Russian translation of dialogue D10a-Bur-1 - McBenn



Fixed: counter in Am06 (Polish). Showed digits when it should show time. - McBenn



Fixed: Editor not showing Weapon colour updates(On Buildings) when palettes are changed



Fixed: AM15 - Legion secondary objective (Issue 326) - Nefarem



Fixed: AM06 - An event spawning Joan Fergusson doesn't trigger (Issue 378) - Nefarem



Fixed: Ru03 - The player would always get the medal for destroying many American reinforcements - McBenn



Fixed: Am13 - The final objective was given a few seconds after mission start (Issue #369) - McBenn



Fixed: ComBuild fixed (RU05)



Fixed: RU02, RU06, RU07, RU11 fixes (Issue #446) - Nefarem



Fixed: AM09, AM10, RU03, RU11 Fixes (Issue #452) - Nefarem



Fixed: AM15 - Wrong condition for appearance of arabians (Issue #324) - Nefarem



Fixed: RU14 - Arabian attacks not commencing (Issue #214) - Nefarem



Fixed: OW can now do games with more than 8 players



Fixed: OW Editor no longer extracts texts.bin when you make a new mod



Fixed: Diplomacy window will now always display correctly



Improved: OW Editor interface



Improved: Multiplayer Stability



Improved: Error Logging



Improved: Reduced CPU usage



Improved: Editor tool speed increased (ALOT)



Improved: Most tools now work when click and dragged



Improved: OW_EditorOGL now uses FastMM for the memory manager



Improved: OW_EditorOGL now uses LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE allowing up to 4GB of memory in 64Bit systems



Improved: Czech translation of multiplayer map names - Sali



Improved: Czech translation to multiplayer map Siberia - Sali



Improved: Translated the technology option to Czech - Sali



Improved: You can now add new People (99 total)



Improved: exclamations will now search through the different nations for a sound (Meaning you only need them in one nation)
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