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Wings over Flanders Fields Expansion

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WoFF Expansion
OBD Software
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Patch 2.03

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

1) Fixed a bug in Workshops display for Vsync settings.  VSync was still applied correctly just visually the select box button reverted to default on re-entering the Workshops.

2) Tweaked flight complements for AI Flights and Player Flights to be even more historically accurate over the years.

3) Fixed a bug whereby sometimes Ground Attack squads were rated as Dual Role and incorrectly looked for Observers.

4) Rear gunner/ Front Gunner hit sounds added to two seaters.

5) Some occasional fatal exceptions in mission validation changed to warnings and logged - missions are now also auto corrected.

6) Maximum craft in a flight extended from 8 to 10 - affects flights mostly in 1918 in Flanders - squad dependant.

7) Small flights in 1917 and 1918 should no longer be created for regional activity.

8) Gotha Night Ops start date now moved to 1/9/17.

9) Fixed a bug whereby certain Aces Kill tallies were not reported correctly in the Duty Room Roster - but were correct in their Dossiers - this only affected a few Aces.

10) Fixed a possible Text Draw bug in DX9 Shaders

11) Fixed the Snipe's bomb load (was not visible) and removed rockets from available loadouts as they did not carry rockets.

12) Fixed a bug whereby a GAI flight could sometimes, under certain circumstances, be setup with Bombers (DFWs cannot do offensive duty bug)

13) Morane Type L contact points revised.

14) Tweaked observer /gunner damage (often he was taken out with 1 hit - so he would seem not responsive - being dead does that).

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