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Wings over Flanders Fields Expansion

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WoFF Expansion
OBD Software
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Patch 2.05

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

1) All Claims are now processed irrespective of validity at time of filling in a claim form - or course erroneous claims will be rejected but they are now processed through the system.

2) Gunner Rear Health status is now shown to player in TAC or onscreen messages (if those are enabled).

3) Various model fixes:
Sop Tripe (& 2 gun)     -  Fixed rudder pivot and aileron in distance model.
S.E.5, S.E.5a               -  S
till prop showed sometimes with blurred prop in distance - fixed.
BE2c HD                       -  Fixed gun sight view.
Hannover                     -  Fixed gunner angle when viewed at distance, also improved lowest LOD
Nieuport 17, 17 Lewis, 17 bis, 23, 23 Lewis  
- Fixed lowest LOD wheel pivot, added wing tips there too and struts. 

4) Revised FM sideslip behaviours of all aircraft, and adjusted roll off behaviours.  Also subtle improvements in many aircraft. For example DR1 is now able to flat turn with some slight aileron, adjusted some stall behaviours.

5) Fixed a bug whereby 2 Seater Ground Attack craft were being inadvertently escorted on occasions (mission would not parse (load) ).

6) Improved 2 Seater Ground Attack mission types.

7) Fixed a duplicated Ace in database.

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