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Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven And Hell II

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Patch 1.35

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Version 1.35

5 December 2022


1) Addressed an issue that affected Screen Res Modes on Nvidia 4090 GPUs

2) Clouds Draw Range implemented - increases cloud render range as well as adding in ability for player to adjust the draw distance in workshops.

3)Addressed an issue that affected users with the latest VKBsim Gladiator EVO and NXT Joysticks (WOFFKeys now V2.2)


Version 1.34

16 August 2022

1)Squadrons that are not 'operational' will no longer be forced to carry out historical (scripted) attack or defence missions.

2)Fixed an issue that did not return the player to the main menu correctly when an invalid/unavailable squadron craft is assigned in campaign.

3)Addressed a 'mission type' loop counter error in Gotha Squadrons and some other Bomber Squadrons when the player elects to fly in poor weather.

4)Fixed an issue that prevented player loading rockets on certain aircraft in campaign.

5)Fixed an inventory display issue for Ace aircraft when returning to planning room after having already set-up payloads.

6)Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the briefing room map to not be centred on the mission flight.

7)Addressed a naming issue in FA(A) 208s squadron database.

8)Aircraft fixes: Sopwith Pup adjusted view FOV slightly. BE series fixed issue with prop hub being see through in certain conditions.


Version 1.33

2 August 2022

With new fantastic features;


1)Implemented graded maneuver ratings for all WW1 aircraft as they improved over time. Lower Maneuver ratings means the AI will carry out less complex maneuvers.

2)2 Seaters that were used as 'fighters' will now behave more historically correct.

3)Pilot Skill, Morale and Health now directly affects the AI aircraft maneuver capabilities dynamically in runtime - a wounded/ injured pilot will start to carry out less complex maneuvers.

4)Fixed an issue that prevented the Sopwith Pup skins from changing correctly.

5)Aircraft model fix for the DH5 - converted it from pedal power (feet sticking through the floor), into a full adult version using an engine instead, and some other very minor tweaks to blurred engine, and wing tips.  Some other misc fixes for other aircraft models.

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